“As a third grade teacher in the Jackson-Madison system, I saw the struggles of children that lacked the ability to read at the ripe old age of nine. EVERYTHING at school was hard for them. Their frustration led to disinterest and behavior problems. They were “good kids” with “good hearts”, but destined to little hope for a bright future.

Conversations with experienced educators pointed to these children not having access to early childhood education. They entered kindergarten ill-prepared for the rigors of “school.” These same conversations included frustration that the children of these parents were not involved in their schooling.

I loved teaching, but I was conflicted about advancing these children through the system.

I spent the next six years in the restaurant business. I worked alongside parents with similar stories, either theirs or with children of their own. I saw the struggles of providing for a family on a minimum wage salary, with little hope for a better future.

I firmly believe EVERY child should have the opportunity to exercise their curiosity, develop their special gift or talent, and pursue the best education possible. Learning should start early and never stop!



  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics                                                  University of North Carolina / May 1980
  • Masters in Instructions and Curriculum Leadership                     Freed-Hardeman University / May 2004

Fun Fact: Miss Donna’s favorite reindeer is Prancer.